When to Visit the Dentist for Dental Exam?

For the vast majority of the population, a visit to the Dentist every six months is a routine way of having your oral health maintained and checked.  There are some who require fewer visits and those who require more, this is assessed according to your dental experience after all no two people are the same.

Your visits to a Dental Hygienist will again depend on your level of home care and your disease experience.

Here at Main Street Dental, we tailor your visits to suit your personal needs at a level to maintain optimal dental health.  We also have health plans to suit your needs and to this end, we offer Denplan Care and Denplan Essentials.

For children, we recommend that they come with you on your exam so that they get used to the sights and sounds of a dental practice and will start giving them their first exams before they reach the age of two.

When to Visit the Dentist for Dental Exam?
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As many of you are aware the remaining covid-19 restrictions are being lifted as of 19/07/2021. However, as a healthcare setting we have a duty of care to maintain patient safety, due to this NHS England have advised dental services to not change their guidelines, this means that all patients must still:

Call the practice mobile to let us know that you are outside or knock on the door and stand back

Adhere to social distancing rules

Wear a face covering (unless exempt) until seated in surgery

Hand sanitise upon entering and leaving the practice

If you have any questions or would like to or would like to discuss this further please call the reception team on: 01928733974 or send us an email to: reception@mainstreetdental.co.uk

We once again thank you for your cooperation.

Please check the Coronavirus Page for details of arrangements for emergency dental care.

Just to keep you updated:
Please see our updates on our Coronavirus page

Keep safe – Keep well – Keep brushing.

Main Street Dental Team

At your next visit why not ask about teeth whitening.

Did you know that teeth whitening is only legally carried out by a qualified Dental Professional?

Do not compromise.


Opening times during the festive season.

The practice will close after Monday 23rd December.

The practice will re-open on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

During this closure, patients of the practice may phone for details of the emergency numbers.

Please note that the call-out fee is £80 plus the cost of any treatment.


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