Periodontal Treatment

Gum Disease 

One of the major causes of tooth loss is gum disease, the initial signs of which may be bleeding gums and or bad breath. In the early stages (gingivitis) this is reversible, however if allowed to progress then some of the supporting structures around the teeth may be lost for good (periodontitis). At this stage we may be able to halt or slow down the progress of the disease.


Because we take this problem so seriously we have invested in the latest software which helps us to monitor periodontal disease. If you are showing early signs of periodontal disease (BPE 3 in more than one area) we will offer to carry out a more detailed examination of your gums so that we can determine the areas that need your attention. This also gives us a more detailed base measurement so that we can more closely monitor the progress or improvement of your gum condition.

For those who are showing more advanced signs of periodontal disease, the periodontal charting and monitoring becomes an integral part of our treatment planning and maintenance.

 Because gum disease is multi-factorial we need to look at all your risk factors, this will help to determine your maintenance programme, the software will also help with this.

Should you have any concerns about your gums please ask any member of our team for more information.


Here at MainStreet Dental Practice we take gum disease very seriously, at every examination (check up) we carry out a Basic Periodontal Examination (BPE) along with all our other checks. This BPE is a screening tool to inform us if there is a deterioration in your gum condition, from this we follow our practice protocol in the treatment and maintenance of your gum health. This protocol is in line with those determined by the British Society of Periodontology (BSP).

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