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About Direct Access 

Whist we still advise that all patients should have a regular examination with a Dentist, we realise that not all practices have the services of a Dental Hygienist. Previously a patient would have had to ask their dentist for a referral to see a hygienist, now you can directly access our services. Please note that this service is not offered by all of our Hygienists.

The General Dental Council removed the need for dental hygienists to work within their scope of practice to the prescription of a registered dentist. This means that a patient may now see a dental hygienist directly without seeing a dentist first.
Hygienists practising under direct access are not expected to make a diagnosis beyond their scope of practice. They should refer to a dentist (or other relevant healthcare practitioner) when they identify areas of concern or when treatment is required that is out of their scope of practice. What can a dental hygienist do for me? The General Dental Council produces guidance on what dental hygienists can do with appropriate training.


Amongst other things, a dental hygienist can:
  • Provide dental hygiene care to a wide range of patients
  • Plan the delivery of care for patients to improve and maintain their periodontal health
  • Obtain a detailed dental history from patients and evaluate their medical history complete periodontal examination and charting and use indices to screen and monitor periodontal disease
  • Prescribe and take radiographs if qualified to do so.
  • Provide preventive oral care to patients and liaise with dentists over the treatment of caries, periodontal disease and tooth wear
  • Undertake supragingival (above the gum) and subgingival (below the gum) scaling and root debridement using manual and powered instruments

How it Works 

Please contact the practice reception and request an appointment with a Hygienist. Some appointments may be available on the same day. This must be paid for at the time of booking.


In all instances the first direct appointment with a Hygienist will be a double appointment. This is so we have time to go through your medical history and to get to know what it is you need. This also includes a thorough Hygienist examination. (not the same as a Dentist examination.) Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time so that you may complete your medical history form.


At this first appointment we will then be able to give you our findings and suggest a treatment plan to help you to maintain your dental health and provide you with the smile you require.


Should your needs extend beyond our scope of practice we will refer you back to your own dentist or to one of ours.


As a matter of practice policy, we will not see any patient under the age of 18 under Direct Access arrangements, we can however accept a referral from your Dentist on a private basis.


    • Initial Appointment £88.50
    • Maintenance Clean £48.25
    • Periodontal Charting from £59.50
    • Gum Treatment from £88.50
    • Extensive Gum Treatment-quoted
Please note that the initial appointment must be paid for at the time of booking.


We also accept referrals from other dental practices for the treatment of periodontal disease and hygiene or implant maintenance. Over the years we have gained considerable experience in implant maintenance, receiving referrals from implantologists for on-going care of their placements. Other practices refer patients on a regular basis for treatment of gum problems or maintenance.

Whether you are a self referral or are referred by your dentist, you can be assured of a tailored approach to your needs, no two treatment plans are identical and you will have all options explained and agreed before treatment begins.

Download referral form (for dental professionals)

Note: You can read about our team of hygienists on our about us page, John Stanfield looks after SmileZone (Direct Access)

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